Artist Feature – Tantric Decks Interview (Bass Gorilla)

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Your heart starts racing with anticipation, goosebumps in suspense, your whole body tingles in ecstatic excitement, your being floods with spirit, you giggle in delightful spontaneity, your sacral churns like a volcanic caldera, smiling faces everywhere, hearts are bursting outward to infinity. This is the Tantric Decks experience.

Steve Roland AKA Tantric Decks is a 12 year veteran of electronic dance music performance and production. Not only has Steve helped shape the future of music production through his online tutorials/workshops/webinars, he is also C.O.O. of the world renowned sample pack company and mastering house Black Octopus Sound. Other explosive accomplishments include a discography containing a smashing 65 records, a dance floor igniting top 10 hit on Beatport, hundreds of live performances all over Canada/Ohio/Hawaii, and a 2 year exclusive deal with glitch hop’s major label Adapted Records. He’s received praise and support from David Starfire, Infected Mushroom, Far Too Loud, Stickybuds, Crazy Daylight, and many others. Tantric Decks’ crisp production, phat bass, ethereal sound scapes, and gypsy/tribal/world beat infusions make him beloved on alien planets near and far. On the side of music production Steve is also a teacher of Sacred Sexuality and Tantra, hosting workshops at festivals/venues in Western Canada


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